Exciting projects such as this require close cooperation in partnerships. In this specific project, Skellefteå Kraft has had the advantage of collaborating with some important and competent partners.



A-hus, a part of the Derome Group, supplies the modules that make up the house itself.

A-hus is a reputable actor in the Swedish housing market and has built energy-plus-houses in the One Tonne Life project, and is also a participant of the EU’s “Need4B” project.

The Zero Sun house is a 140-square-metre house from A-Hus’s standard range, with the model name Villa Vinga.


Green Exergy

For almost a decade, GreenExergy  has contributed to the knowledge development within bioenergy.

In the Zero Sun project, GreenExergy provides advice and knowledge about the hydrogen gas components.


Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric supplies the control system which monitors and controls all technology in the house. The purpose of the control system is to use sensors to monitor all energy being produced and consumed in the house.

Schneider is a leading company in digital energy management and automation. They deliver custom-made solutions to allow lighting and household appliances connect seamlessly to the system.

The system collects and analyses data in real time, which gives it better security, efficiency, reliability and sustainability